Self-Enroll via Atomy Online Team

If you would like to attain Atomy membership via Atomy Online Team, please follow the instructions below. Self-enrollment allows you to become a member quickly and keeps your personal information private.

Instructions for self-enrolling:

1) Select the country you're currently residing (PR/Citizen): Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Singapore, USA, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia (all links open in new window).
Pre-registration: Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Russia. (Not official, Atomy Online Team will register for you as soon as the market opens)

2) Click the “Login” button and login with Atomy Online Team’s ID: S6888967 and guest password: guest

3) Click the "Join" button on the top of the page once you are logged in, and go though the instructions, which start with you agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership with Atomy Inc. The instructions will vary from country to country. Some people will have to receive a code via email in the middle of the sign up process. Still others may have to confirm some details by clicking on a link sent to them by email during or after registration.

At some stage during the registration process, you will need a sponsor ID, which is an alpha-numeric membership code for a person who enrolled just prior to you. The name of the person associated with that code will appear automatically once you enter the code into the system. Enter one of the available sponsor IDs below reserved for this purpose:

S6996725   S6998714   S6997691   S6977184   S7217121   S9258126

S7159749   S6977168   S7024843   S7076562   S6964988   S6889290

When you enter one of the above sponsor IDs, it is possible that you may see the message “No positions under select member ID.” This simply means that another person has beaten you to use of that code (only two people can register under the same code), so please try other sponsor ID. Note that the above list of membership codes is regularly updated, so most of the codes should work at any given time.

4) You will be sent to a confirmation page after having entered all your data, so after checking that all is well, click through to the next page, where your own personal membership ID and password will be visible. Should you forget your password at any point in the future, it can be retrieved via e-mail on the official Atomy system, but please take more care to remember your ID number. If you do end up forgetting your ID number after having registered with Atomy Magic, you can call customer service in your country - the phone number is at the bottom of your country's official Atomy Inc. webpage.

5) Log out, and then log back in with your new membership details. Note that in some countries you may be required to validate your membership before being able to initially sign in. You should receive information directly from Atomy about this if it applies to you. Once your membership has been validated, you can explore your back office, and go shopping! Don't forget to update your password and profile information if necessary.

6) Drop an email to us with your Atomy ID, and sponsor ID. Your Atomy ID will be in rotation once your membership is verified.

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